Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 33.1 (Edward Dorn)

Dorn, Edward
The Collected Poems

Another volume plucked from the old Just Buffalo library before the sale.

When we were putting our archive together for The Poetry Collection at SUNY Buffalo, I came across a great photo of Dorn Reading for Just Buffalo in 1977. I sent a jpeg of it to Tom Raworth a few years back, which he posted to his website. I can't seem to find it at the moment, but if you look for images of Dorn, you'll probably find it somewhere. In it he is probably about 50. He stands before a pair of old windows, wearing jeans, cowboy boots, a black shirt and a leather jacket. His arms are leaning on what appears to be some kind of bar -- possibly a gymnast's apparatus or more likely a dancer's. He looks rather like a movie star. I think the reading took place at the Allentown Community Center, which I am told was Just Buffalo's original home. Maybe some of the older Buffalo crowd can add some of their memories of the event.


And we are all there together
time will wave as willows do
and adios will be truly, yes,

   laughing at what is forgotten
and talking of what's new
admiring the roses you bought.
How sad.

You didn't know you were at the end
thought it was your bright pear
the earth, yes

another affair to have been kept
and gazed back on
when you had slept
to have been stored
as a squirrel will a nut, and half
there so many, many
from the newly fallen.

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