Monday, September 28, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 34 (Stacy Doris)

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Doris, Stacy

I think James Sherry may have given this to me when I was working for him at the Segue Foundation in New York. Working for Segue and discovering the poetry scene were about the only bright spots in my last two years in New York. I had a terrible break-up that took at least a year to get over and then, just as I was able to walk down the street and think of something else, my father died.

I still miss the city, and every once in a while I get overwhelmed with nostalgia for it, so I was really surprised a couple of years ago when I opened up one of the journals I kept at the time to discover just how unhappy I actually was. The journal is filled with rantings about how much I hated New York and how if I could just figure out some place to go that had all the stuff New York has but with more space and cheaper rent I would just go there. I guess that is the escape fantasy of everyone in New York. Ultimately, you have to choose between all that stuff and the cheap rent/extra space, because they are more or less mutually exclusive.

From Kildare

Next, guava-round, our Homecoming Queen

(w/ her density oscillate)

marched to this system

(figured her nylons kept liturgically down)

in an Emancipation outfit

(landscape stuffed in the bust props)

and with numerous floats, old time

(extra blossoms the innovation: a sliding)

pace that upsets all;

its pounds scramble at the rear to uphold--

this favorite string
pulls light then

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