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Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 36 (Sean Thomas Dougherty)

Except By Falling
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Dougherty, Sean Thomas
Except By Falling

I think this was sent to me by the author (or by the publisher) in anticipation of a reading he gave for Just Buffalo. It was in either the fall of 2001 or the spring of 2002. That was the year Just Buffalo was without a permanent director. It was a scary time. A lot of funding dried up after 9/11 and not having a point person to raise money made it all the more difficult to do so.

I worked part time and was still in grad school. Lori and I were weighing the benefits of staying Buffalo or possibly leaving. Eventually, we decided to stay, at least for a while, and bought a house. A year passed, and Just Buffalo's board hired a director, who almost immediately made my job full-time. In taking the job, I knew that I was deciding to walk with my masters and not finish the PhD I had begun, but I felt pretty confident I was making the right decision, and still do.

from Except By Falling

Untitled (for GJV 1964-83)

I am reaching back through my body
to tell the death carved out of air.

How it parted as you drowned.
I bend to touch the water's edge.

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