Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 36.1 (Sean Thomas Dougherty)

Dougherty, Sean Thomas
The Biography of Broken Things

Given to me by the author when he read at Talking Leaves Books with Charles Bernstein in 2002. Inscribed to me. Sorry this is so short today -- no time!

Ghosts You Can Breathe

Among victims is to be everywhere at millennium's end, exhumed and lifted, message bringer, the rhythm such that Lamentation seems like a stand-up comedy routine. But speaking the universe enters a church, out of a desolate place into an asylum, ad everyone I love digs into the earth to find a doorway to walk through...to re-find our everyday words, we must recall The Fall, the failure, fraught, must replace it with a summer evening, a city's opened fire hydrant, the neighborhood children splashing in the dark, till they become the dark itself, those not so distant voices which overwhelm–

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