Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 43.8 (Robert Duncan)

Duncan, Robert
a little endarkment
and in my poetry
you find me

Last Duncan entry. I think I received this in a package of Poetry Collection giveaways, either from Michael Basinski or Matt Chambers. It's an interview with Robert Duncan from Naropa in 1978. I don't think I have ever actually read it. I am just going to leave an excerpt today, as my brain is fried after a couple of electric days hanging out with Eileen Myles.

from a little endarkment

RD: Obedience is obedience to what's going on in the poem that we have and that one is just fine. Meanwhile, our whole life obedience I also talked about, that I wouldn't let a poem, for all of how wonderful it is as it comes in there, come in and interrupt if part of my obedience, is in household or something that I obey. I obey it.

Anne Waldman: Household?

RD: My household. But I obey it because it's not laid on top of me, it doesn't come at all, as in Burroughs thing, "lean, lean, lean." It never leans on me. What it is, is more genuinely me than I most of the time can be without it. And that household can tell me more about the poem because the poem can promise us all these pictures that we get of being a power or something. I hated it when my mother laid on it "That's not really you" but there is another feeling we've got in us. I'm really talking now. That's a wonderful feeling. OK, now we have enough confidence. We haven't started talking about confidence. But as we were talking earlier because we're aware that you begin and you're obedience t a poem that begins. A poem can do various things and what if the poem comes forward and the poem is a big monster wipe-out that promises you that you'll be addressing thousands and that you're going to be about bigger than Shakespeare when you finish and I don't mean it's fake. What if it's real!

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