Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aimless Reading: Literary Magazines, Part 1 (AERIAL 6/7)

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Rod Smith, Editor

I think I bought this at Talking Leaves...Books, but I am not sure. I may have bought it for one of Charles Bernstein's classes. It's a reminder of how good a well made, thoughtfully designed, and carefully edited book actually feels in one's hands. Flipping through it again I am struck mostly by its physical presence. I have no beef with anything in the digital realm, but when I am asked why I prefer reading books to reading online and so forth, I have to point to objects like this one, which probably took several years to produce, but which still feels fresh more than a decade later, mostly because of the care that was take putting it together in the first place. Way to go, Rod!

from John Cage, Art Is Either A Complaint or Do Something Else

These texts come from statements by Jasper Johns, taken from Mark Rosenthal's Jasper Johns Work Since 1974 (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1988), which follow. They are not about Johns' statements and because of the way they are written, other statements are produced.

Old art offers just as good a criticism of new art as new art offers of old.

I don't want y work to be an exposure of my feelings.

Art is either a complaint or appeasement.

The condition of a presence.
The condition of being there.
its own work
its own
its shape, color, weight, etc.
it is not another (?)
and shape is not a color (?)
Aspects and movable aspects.
To what degree movable?

The idea of background
(and background music)
idea of neutrality
air and idea of air
(In breathing--in and out)

Satie's "Furniture Music" now
serving as background for music
as well as background for conversation.
Puns on intentions.

Take an object
Do something to it
Do something else to it
" " " "

One thing made of another. One thing used as another...


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