Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 2 (Ken Edwards)

Good Science
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Edwards, Ken
Good Science

Given to me by the author, Ken Edwards, British poet, publisher of Reality Street books in the U.K., upon his visit to Buffalo in probably 2002 or so. I was still in school. It was over the summer, Ken was passing through town, Charles Bernstein wrote to ask if someone could set him up with a reading and possibly a place to stay. I have a recollection of the reading having taken place at Jonathan Skinner's apartment, but I can't be sure. I am almost positive there was a party there for Ken. I can see Jonathan standing in front of the living room door that led to the second floor porch on the front of the house, his tall slim form leaning over the stereo to change the CD. I think he is putting on Harry Nilsson. People are dancing and drinking. It is summery warm and not quite dark outside. This memory may be a composite of other memories.

Incident Room

Might have been carnival
Perpetual beauty flanked by soft sculpture horses
Glowing orange on one side
And ashen silver on the other
But it all segues into transmitter information
Unstable in the days winds

And the underlying belief
on the streets
That those humans are not human
And the same again       is made manifest
      Rain soaked
Floodlit prison to one side
Vast hospital ventilation to the other
Inner city where
To have your feet on the ground is both privilege
And punishment
The serial & consecutive reality of it

On the one hand choice
On the other no choice at all
When love turns to violence
To have to say it the insistence
The first & worst word
That breaks the spell
Just kills you

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