Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 2.1 (Ken Edwards)

eight + six
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Edwards, Ken
eight + six

This, I think, was also given to me by the author upon his aforementioned visit to Buffalo, which, judging by the publication date, suggests he visited in the summer of 2003, not 2002, as I had previously surmised. This one is signed by Edwards, but not dated. The photo of him on the back looks like the guy I remember meeting, whereas the photos on the other two books of his that I own look less like the guy I remember. I love that the the title is a mathematical representation of the sonnet form.

Da Capo, Which Means,
Out of My Head

      On the box we find
celestial messages from splendid empires

There's been a death in the family
      and then there was one

so madly set a thesis burned the toast
SLAM on the brakes

(a paradox)

(A non-expanding universe would
      actually entail even worse paradoxes)
            Like like like ---
This is where we learn impossibility from
      This box this box this box this
            One to one to one

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