Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 5 (Sergei Eisenstein)

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Eisenstein, Sergei
Battle Ship Potemkin
Alexander Nevsky

I am pretty sure I bought this at Rust Belt Books. I don't think I have read it. I think the reason I bought it was because I had found another of his books, Film Form, which I had borrowed from Jonathan Skinner, and which I sadly had to return several years letter, having hoped he had forgotten about it, but he had not, really useful in writing one of the poems in my first book. In fact, I think I lifted the words to the poem directly from the his with only minor alterations.

The scripts in this one very much read like poems, though, wouldn't you say?

from Battleship Potemkin

1 The officer of the watch. In the background, sailors gathered around hanging sides of meat.
2 Officer
3 From above: sailors with the meat (still)
4 The officer walks off.
5 Indignant sailors see past the hanging meat.
6. CU Sailors washing cabages
7 CU Sailors peeling potatoes
8 CU Heads of sailors, talking vociferously.
9 CU As above
10 CU Peeling potatoes
11 CU Sailor's heads
12 CU Cabbage
13 Agitated sailors. The ships doctor and officer come up.

1 The hanging meat


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