Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 6.2 (T.S. Eliot)

Eliot, T.S.
Murder in the Cathedral

It's been years since I read this -- I bought it at the Fordham bookstore -- not sure for which class -- probably a class on drama. I must have bought it used, because there are extensive notes written in it by more than one person.

On the inner flap, someone named Ed O'Connor has written a short essay comparing the "theme of loyalty and friendship" in the Murder in the Cathedral to that in A Man For All Seasons.

In another hand, on the title page, "martyrdom" is defined as "the suffering of death on account of adherence to a cause and esp. to one's religious faith." It may be my own handwriting, though I am not quite sure. The fact it is written in cursive, which I more or less abandoned in high school, leads me to believe it is not, but it does look like my handwriting.

Someone has written the no-doubt Prince-influenced phrase "4shadow" in the margins about every ten lines throughout the first act.

There are lots of faded yellow highlighter marks throughout. The word "friendship" is also written often in the margins, as is "loyalty," and there are lots of question marks.

The word "enmity" is underlined and defined in the margin as "mutual hatred."

The word "wantonness" is underlined and defined in the margin as "unrestraint."

The abbreviation "Def" is also written throughout the text in the margin, telling the reader, I suppose, to look something up. Apparently, this reader chose not to share his or her knowledge.

The lines, "The last temptation is the greatest treason:/To do the right thing for the wrong reason" are underlined and marked by a note to "memorize for quiz."

In act II, foreshadowing is marked with the phrase, "4shadow2."

We are also supposed to memorize the line, "Human Kind cannot bear very much reality."

And finally, someone has bracketed off the concluding lines of the play and written in the margin:



I think that one was me. Oops.

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