Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aimless Reading: Literary Magazines, Part 2 (All Area No. 2)

All Area No. 2
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All Area No. 2
Skodnick, Roy, Editor

This was given to me by the editor at the Zinc Bar in NYC after a reading and talk on Olson I had given along with Ammiel Alcalay. We used the talk as a means to get OlsonNow moving before we curated the first event at the Poetry Project. I can't remember if Roy gave me a copy at the event or if he mailed it later on. Anyhow, there is stuff in here by Julia Kristeva, Jean Baudrillard, Olson and more. And as I write this, a whole section just came loose from the binding and fell to the floor. Apparently the glue is dried out.

from The Implosion of Meaning in the Media, by Jean Baudrillard

The fact of this implosion of contents, absorption of meaning, evanescence if the medium itself, re-absorption if the whole dialectic of communication in a total circularity of the model, and implosion of the social in the masses, can appear catastrophic and hopeless. But it is only so in regard to the idealism that dominates our whole vision of information. Ae all live by a fanatical idealism of meaning and communication, by an idealism of communication through meaning, and in this perspective, it is very much a catastrophe of meaning which lies in wait for us.

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