Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 11.1 (Theodore Enslin)

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Enslin, Theodore

I think I bought this at Talking Leaves around the same time I bought the previous book by Enslin. I may have bought this one first. I seem to remember that Nine was quite expensive and that at the time I was sort of broke, so it is possible I may have bought this first because it was cheaper than the other.

Anyhow, I think I spent my share of Enslin memories yesterday. The only other detail of our visit that I remember vividly is that he told us some of the things he had done in Maine to make a living over the years, like carving walking sticks for people (?!) and cultivating blueberries to cover the property taxes on his farm. Those Mainers, boy, they're tough.

from Re-Sounding

I have always had the time for simple dreaming
dreams not simple    in themselves
their wonder deep within the work of many days
but from that working    time to rest from it
no time that any other told me what to do
rewards in payment scant    and yet
reward in dreaming    what I did not do
but what was done    that I might sense it
I'd not leave it    living in that moment
what my friends have styled a job of work.

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