Monday, December 7, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 12.2 (Elaine Equi)

Ripple Effect
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Equi, Elaine
Ripple Effect

This was sent by the publisher as a review copy.

Alas, no review.

I did bring Elaine and husband/poet Jerome Sala for a reading last year. We spent a lot of time listening to funny/kitschy stuff on my iPod, like Derek and Clive Live (Dudley Moore and Peter Cook) and also a set of Jazz Hipster Poems about colors by a guy named Ken Nordine. We also drove around Buffalo and Niagara Falls looking for interesting candy that Elaine could photograph for a series of photos she was working on. A month or so after they left town, we received a packet of postcards in the mail, each one an image of candy from various places in NY and Buffalo and possibly other cities.

from Ripple Effect

Maria Callas

Canaries faint
when caged
by the
metallic ardor
of your voice

filing its way
through the bars

as if
you intended
to pluck
the unfinished song

from their lungs
and devour it.

There is still
a touch of
the ancient myths

about you
though classically trained
as wild-eyed and tragic

to the opulence
of opera
you bring

a harsh
elemental reality:

vinegar stored
in an oak casket,

salt poured
on an enemy's wounds.

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