Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aimless Reading: The E's, Part 13 (Erasmus)

Ten Colloquies
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Ten Colloquies

I think I bought this at 7th St. Books. I brought it home, then realized the essay I wanted to read, The Praise of Folly, was not in it. I kept it anyway, though I have never read it.

from The Shipwreck

Ant. You tell dreadful Stories: is this going to Sea? God forbid that ever any such Thing should come into my Mind.

Adol. That which I have related, is but a Diversion, in Comparison to what you’ll hear presently.

Ant. I have heard Calamities enough already, my Flesh trembles to hear you relate them, as if I were in Danger myself.

Adol. But Dangers that are past, are pleasant to be thought on.

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