Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 1 (Dan Farrell)

Last Instance
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Farrell, Dan
Last Instance

Not sure where I bought this, possibly at Rust Belt Books. Dan Farrell is another Vancouver poet who, like Jeff Derksen, was on the tips of everybody's tongues when I arrived in Buffalo in the late 90's, and who, unfortunately, like Jeff Derksen, I haven't heard much about in several years.

He came to Buffalo in 1998 or so and read at cornershop, which was a hub of activity for a couple of years. I remember very vividly hearing him read the last poem in this book, "366, 1996." In the poem, one of the structural elements is the repetition of the names of the days of the week, interspersed with other narrative and non-narrative information. It sounded great out loud, as I recall.

I met Dan one other time, in New York, I think, at Double Happiness, when I read there in 1999 with Jonathan Skinner and Eleni Stecopoulos.

From 366, 1996

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, going into the woods, Sunday, Monday, typical trees, Tuesday, typical grass traces, Wednesday, Thursday, typical excitations, Friday, typical regional sounds, Saturday, Sunday, why slow rather than slowest, Monday, clouded height, Tuesday, some same ground, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, left and possible, Sunday, right and possible, Monday, Tuesday, could what there is not to be believed be asked, Wednesday, Thursday...


Jo said...

Hi Michael,

I mentioned on your other post that Jeff Derksen was recently featured in the Fred Wah and Friends poetry reading.

I would also like to include that his latest book, 'Annihilated Time: Poetry and Other Politics,' will be released soon:


Jo Summerton
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Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

Thanks, Jo -- I look forward to reading it.