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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 10 (Allen Fisher)

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Fisher, Allen
place 32
taken out of place

Purchased in January 1998 at Talking Leaves Books. I bought this, along with five other books by Allen Fisher, for a course with Charles Bernstein called "Prose and Its Discontents." I remember being very frustrated because one of the assigned books, Theory of Prose, by Viktor Shklovski, was not available -- I think it had gone out of print. Somehow Taylor Brady had gotten a copy of it, but I think he was the only person in the class who had it. I was jealous.

Allen Fisher gave a lecture in the class on R. B. Kitaj called, "Recurrence and the Grand Theme in the Art of R. B. Kitaj." I remember there was a slide show and that he spoke of several different paintings by Kitaj. I remember he spent a good amount of time talking about the symbols in "If Not, Not," which is a sort of apocalyptic painting with a the gate of a concentration camp burning at the top.

I remember Charles commenting on the "Olsonian" character of Allen Fisher's poems after his reading. I think he read from this sequence, which applies to London strategies similar to those Olson applies to Gloucester in the Maxiumus Poems.

from HOOKS, place 32, out of place

Pope Barberini had the birds killed in the
Vatican gardens because they disturbed him

saying Galileo would infringe the right of
God to run the universe by miracle rather
than by natural law

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