Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 10.2 (Allen Fisher)

Fisher, Allen
Dispossession and Cure

Purchased at Talking Leaves Books.

I am trying to remember if I remember anything else about Allen Fisher's visit in 1998. The only thing I remember is that we wandered around the neighborhood I lived in at the time, Allentown, in whose name Allen took great pleasure. At one point, he asked me to take a photo of him standing beneath a street sign that read, "Allen St."

from Dispossession and Cure

excerpt from "Disk"

A man in an orange flying-suit crossed an arena carrying a large disk of clear acrylic with perpendicular sides. Polarised light projected through the material made clear that the perfect shape of the form was made possible by extreme tensions. A completely civilised art. On the screen an action replay, a multi-coloured moure pattern, Dropping the disk into nitrogen and projecting the light again showed the disk freed of tensions, but misshapen.

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