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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 10.3 (Allen Fisher)

Unpolished Mirrors
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Fisher, Allen
Unpolished Mirrors

Purchased at Talking Leaves Books in 1998. I am trying to remember now if I wrote and delivered an introduction to Allen Fisher's reading in Buffalo. I have a vague memory of having written something about his presentation of London in the "place" series, of which this is the concluding volume. Now it's coming back to me -- I did write an introduction.

In fact, I think it was the first introduction I ever wrote and I remember feeling very nervous and very proud of myself and feeling like it was a big deal and that I took it very seriously. I went to the Poetry Collection at UB and read everything he'd written or published that they possessed. I remember being especially taken with his early small press work from the 1970s, like the short-lived "Edible Press," on which all poems were published on edible objects. I think I included it in the introduction. I have a memory of having made clear to the audience that I had said "Edible" and not "Oedipal."

from Unpolished Mirrors

The Artist's Preface

I am in the garden of a coming English Revolution
   rid of the pole
      the tethering
without loss of homeostasis
   wanting strength enough to hold Goodness before
      any malignity or genetic fate

I have come to increase my liberation
   through the dynamegalopolis innovate let
      Urthona rise from the ruiness Walls

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