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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 10.4 (Allen Fisher)

Stepping Out
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Fisher, Allen
Stepping Out

Last Allen Fisher book. Purchased at Talking Leaves Books in 1998.

I have a few other vague memories associated with Allen Fisher's visit. I remember Pierre Joris came to the class for Allen's talk. I guess they were old friends. I think Pierre was taking Allen down to Albany for a reading and talk there. I remember one of them telling a story about something that happened in London involving a urinal. I can't for the life of me recall the rest of the story. I remember I had just self-published my first chapbook, The Necessary Elephant, and that I handed a copy to Pierre and told him I had just bought is translation of of Atemwende by by Paul Celan. I remember allen sent me a thank you card. It was a tri-fold with a black and white image of one of his paintings. I kept it on my book shelf for a long time. At some point a put sticky-tacky on it and hung it on the wall of my office. This was at an apartment on Ashland Avenue. I think after that it ended up in a bag full of postcards that used to use for writing exercises in the high schools. I think it is still in that bag. I think the stick-tacky is still stuck to it.

from Stepping Out

Rims of Distinction: 1

Dynamic marking cuts through the fill-up
A spin shifts telescoped
A bounce of shapes and procedures
Recur at an analytical level
Taking away glistening surfaces
Mirror canon matched by translucence
The simplicity of affection
Searching superimposed planes
What counts unexpected.

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