Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 11 (Robert Fitterman)

Metropolis 1-15
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Fitterman, Robert
Metropolis 1-15

Purchased online at Apollinaire's BookShoppe/BookThug. When Rob came to read in Buffalo a few years back, he sent along copies of the latter two books in this cycle, but this, the first, was out of print. After a bit of searching, I discovered Jay Millar's Apollinaire's BookShoppe, which has the wonderful tagline, "selling the books that no one wants to buy." I guess I was happy find a couple of my old chapbooks for sale there -- and a little shocked that they were going for twenty to twenty five dollars each! Sadly, they prove the rule and not the exception to the tagline, having languished there lo these many years.

I think I knew who Rob Fitterman was a long time before I ever met him. I remember once being at a reading somewhere in New York, back when I still lived there in the mid-nineties, where a friend, I think it was Dan Machlin, pointed to Rob, who was standing outside in the street, and said he admired his clothing, which comment was followed by another comment from Dan's partner, Serena Jost, to the effect that Rob was always smartly dressed. I think it was another 8-10 years before I actually met Rob, during all of which time he existed in my mind only as a well-dressed poet in New York.

You can read Metropolis 8 online here:

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