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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 11.1 (Robert Fitterman)

Metropolis 15-29
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Fitterman, Robert
Metropolis 15-29

I think Rob may have sent this to me in anticipation of his reading in Buffalo a few years back. I can't quite remember. I may have bought it online or at Talking Leaves. I remember mostly having to search for the first volume and that the other two were much easier to come by. Anyhow...

I finally did meet the well dressed poet from New York a few years after having seen him. It was in 2005. I read with Christian Bök at the Bowery Poetry Club in, I think, January 2005 (see link to the right for the recording of my reading at PennSound).

Lori and I had spent the past month in Guatemala and had a quite a struggle getting home due to an air traffic controller strike that began the morning we were supposed to leave. We ended up staying an extra two or three nights, which meant that I arrived in the B'lo on Friday night for a reading in NYC on Saturday afternoon. I managed to get a flight out the next morning and to arrive in time to read.

It was a packed house and a great audience and I had a grand old time, as I recall. Afterward, I was invited to dinner with Christian, Dan Machlin, Serena Jost, Rob Fitterman, Kim Rosenfield, Monica de la Torre (and her partner, whose name I forget -- sorry!), and Kenny Goldsmith. Rob chose a French place called something like The Country Kitchen, where we had a spectacular (and expensive!) french/Moroccan meal.

I remember I sat next to Monica and across from Kenny, who was wearing an outrageous fur (or fur-looking) coat. My main recollection is of talking to Kenny about a movie I'd seen called, "Owning Mahoney," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as a gambling-addicted banker who sinks deeper and deeper into his gambling problem. I thought it was one of the most accurate representations of addiction I'd ever seen put on film.

I think I remember this because it was one of those rare times when I recommend something to someone and then they actually go out and see it. I remember getting a note from Kenny several months later saying how much he liked the film.

There are several excerpted sections from Metropolis 15-29 at the DC Poetry Anthology Website.

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