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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 2 (Michael Farrell)

ode ode
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Farrell, Michael
ode ode

Given (or sent, I think) by the author upon (or following, if sent) his visit to Buffalo in, I think 2003 or 4. Inscribed to me. No relation to Dan, so far as I know.

I can't quite remember how I came into contact with MIchael -- maybe a friend of a friend or something. Anyhow, this was his first published book, I think, and he was very excited about it. So excited, I recall, that he came to the U.S. from Australia and toured around doing readings for several months. Before coming to Buffalo he contacted me, looking for a place to stay, so we put him up in the guest room at our house on Dearborn St.

I remember that at the time was struggling to put together my first collection of poems. I had written a lot in the previous five years, but could not figure out how it might all fit together into a collection. I remember Michael being very sympathetic and offering kind words and advice. I remember he also sent an email offering to read the manuscript and to offer suggestions. Something between inertia and pride kept me from sending it, but within the next six months I did figure it out and managed to put something together.

If you read the latest issue of ecopoetics, the whole first section is a selection of Australian poetry, edited by Michael, who I think also met Jonathan Skinner on that same visit.

from Codas


heres a filmmaker with a provo
cative way with the medium of
course & us playing the piano with no
tions of the 60s and the future
because of course time doesnt
just move forward not even the
past & its like a collective
cry from all our hearts when
we see the flickering rags &
bones that meant so much to
previous generations & we can
only look & wonder if lights an
adequate form of love the wea
ther really belongs to the cha
racters through different reels
lives its all any of us have if
we can make a climate our own
we can stand outside everything
like woody allens heathcliff be
witching the passersby with a tra
velling funk or scaring them off

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