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Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 3.4 (William Faulkner)

Light In August
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Faulkner, William
Light In August

I did read this book, but I don't recall where I bought it. It says it was once the property of the Board of Education of the City of New York and it has a library sticker on the inside front cover. It was never checked out.

The form reads:

Name of School.........................................................

Keep this book covered at all times; if any pages become loose or torn, repair them at once.

When you return the book be sure to get your student applicant form.

Fill out in ink, on first unoccupied line, the information called for.

(and then a grid below for checking out the book)

Maybe I am the only person ever to read this book. I'll bet there are a lot of books in libraries around the world that were put on the shelf and never read. I was reading a scene from Paul Auster's most recent book the other night in which one of the characters works as a student page in the library at Columbia University. At one point, a librarian scolds him for mis-shelving a book, saying that a mistake like that can make a book disappear for 15-20 years -- or forever.

Gosh, I am suddenly making myself feel melancholy.

from Light in August

SITTING beside the road, watching the wagon mount the hill toward her, Lena thinks, ‘I have come from Alabama: a fur piece. All the way from Alabama a-walking. A fur piece.’ Thinking although I have not been quite a month on the road I am already in Mississippi, further from home than I have ever been before. I am now further from Doane’s Mill than I have been since I was twelve years old.

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