Saturday, December 19, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 3.5 (William Faulkner)

Go Down, Moses
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Faulkner, William
Go Down, Moses

I am pretty sure this one also came from the book room at LaSalle academy. Funny -- I am sure I have read every story in this collection, but I don't think I ever read them in this copy of the book. It's slightly water damaged -- not too severely, but enough that the paper feels a little warped. You can just see a water mark on the edge. I don't think I damaged the book, but who knows?

Ok, three quick entries in one day -- I guess I am searching for something to write about. Haven't really found it yet. Farewell, William Faulkner, farewell.

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shuffaloff said...

Brilliant book--but you really ought to read the stories in order. Their power amplifies . . .