Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 4 (Dan Featherson)

Featherston, Dan
The Clock Maker's Memoir

I can't remember if I got this book from the author or from the publisher or whether it was a gift or a purchase. In, I think, February, 2008, I went to a reading/book launch in New York at Thom Donovan's apartment in the East Village. I was kind of swept up in seeing old friends and acquaintances and so forth, so much so that I get dizzy trying to remember it all.

Jonathan Skinner was there and and Joel Kuszai and Kyle Schlesinger, along with other old time Buffalo poetics people like Kristen Prevallet. The reading took place during the NYC AWP conference, and it was at night. People were gathered in chairs in the living room and around a table in a kitchen. Several people, who shall remain nameless, were very, very drunk.

I think I went to three or four readings that day, including a marathon small press reading at the Bowery Poets Club. I also may have gone to a party at Rob Fitterman and Kim Rosenfield's place. That may have been the next night, though. I remember meeting a whole bunch of people from LA at that party. I think I met Hoa Nguyen there, too. I remember having a nice conversation with her and another with Matias Viegener and another with Stan Apps before rushing out the door to another event, which I am pretty sure was Dan Featherson's reading, then rushing out from that reading to the Bowery reading, or maybe it was the other way around.

I think at some point that same night, I wound up with Jonathan Skinner, but it's all a blur. The result was that I got good and sick when I returned to Buffalo and ended up missing work for the second time in two months.

So naturally I signed up to go to the next AWP in Denver in April.

from The Clock Maker's Memoir

Objects of Time

sinking bowl: breathing water
sundial: moving shadows
candle: reading books
ashes: wasting objects
crystal: vibrating space
door: perpetual motion
automaton: telling stories
monastery: a length of prayer
gravity: falling objects
tides: the movement of water:
death: the movement of war

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