Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 6 (Vincent Ferrini)

know fish
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Ferrini, Vincent
know fish

I think this was another of my finds in the former Just Buffalo library. I recently discovered a copy of Ferrini's selected poems that didn't go out in the sale.

I never got to meet Vincent Ferrini before he passed away a couple of years ago, even though I'd made a couple of visits to Gloucester, MA over the years. Through the OlsonNow project, I've made friends with his nephew, Henry, who made the film Polis Is This, about Charles Olson. He also has a film about Henry, called Poem in Action, which I haven't seen.

Damn! I just broke the spine trying to open the book. I guess it is pretty fragile.

from Know Fish

An Island Credo

         the inauguration poem

Gloucester is my Celestial
is it yours?

We have a great unrealized Love
for the City, trust it-
voices in the clouds are heard

An ornery fiber girds us
fishy angles, blood music
& cracked binnacles

A round horizon of water
our diadem
mind the undersea Tree

We get out of this untamed rock
what springs
collective singulars

Where to?
Not the ugly conquests
navigations inward

to the Celestial Materials
the selves of the self
where the City is!

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