Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 8 (Norman Finkelstein)

Finkelstein, Norman
Powers: Tracks Volume Three

Given to me (inscribed) by the author, along with two other books, when I read at Xavier University in Cincinnati last February. I had been invited to read there by my friend, Tyrone Williams, who it happened had a class the night I arrived. Norman and his wife, Alice, graciously agreed to entertain me my first night in town. They took me to a hip new Mexican place called "Nada," which was managed by one of Norman's former students. The food was delish -- we even got to try some new dishes they were considering putting on the menu. I also got to drive in Norman's Toyota Prius -- I had never been in a Prius before and I kept thinking the car had stopped running because it didn't make any sound at all!

from Powers: Tracks Volume Three

The myth a record
of translation or transgression

A scandal among the scribes
translating the myth

Recording the transgressions
of the schools and parties

Here the record
is broken and lost.

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