Monday, December 28, 2009

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 8.2 (Norman Finkelstein)

Finkelstein, Norman
Lyrical Interference

The last of three books (inscribed) given to me by the author when I visited Cincinnati last February. My brain is not really awake yet, so I'll just post an excerpt this morning.

from Lyrical Intereference

Postscript to the essay "Pressing for the End"

Once I thought that our most sublime moments, the moments when we are most in touch with ourselves and all that has produced us, could be rendered into art when, out of our desire, we gave ourselves up wholly to the "voice of language itself." But there is another voice we must sometimes heed, and that voice never utters a word. We speak, and in speaking create endless models of discourse that echo back at us and bid us respond. One great model, the model of Messianic discourse that through both art and religion was once heard so plainly, is now so distant from us that it returns only as silence. Sometimes it bears down upon us, and we rush to welcome it, receive it with open arms. And in the extremity of its embrace we too fall silent.

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