Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pearblossom Hwy., 11-18 April, 1986, #2

And that brings us to the end of 2009 (otherwise known as today and soon to be known as yesterday and then last year).

It's been an interesting year. I feel like I became a blogger. I certainly feel like a blogger after discovering yesterday that PBH crossed the 10,000 visit threshold in 2009. That comes out to about 27 unique visits a day, exclusive of the googlebot, which seems to visit at least that often.

The top ten countries were:

U.S. (7962)
Canada (874)
U.K. (307)
France (72)
Australia (67)
Germany (63)
Japan (50)
Spain (45)
India (39)
Italy (38)

In the U.S., the top ten states were:

New York (2,235)
North Carolina (1,313)
California (936)
Connecticut (577)
Oregon (298)
Kentucky (253)
Texas (231)
Massachussetts (183)
Colorado (181)
Pennsylvania (170)

Top Ten Cities:

Buffalo, NY (1,264)
Tarboro, NC (1,204)
New Haven, CT (536)
New York, NY (510)
Winnipeg, MB (493)
San Francisco, CA (237)
Portland, OR (195)
Lockhart, TX (150)
Washington, DC (142)
Alameda, TX (122)

The number of followers has increased from 6 to about 357, thanks to the Networked Blogs application on Facebook.

Aimless Reading has spawned at least one imitation project, and several others have mentioned their desire to embark on similar projects.

Sadly, I seem to have lost readers since the first half of the year. My numbers peaked in January and then again in May, but they have been on the decline ever since. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but I note that Ron Silliman listed the blog in his link list at least once a month in the first half of the year, but a lot less often in the second half of the year. Silliman's influence in the blogosphere could be measured pretty clearly by tracking the number of hits that arrive at sites like mine in the days after he links to them. I would say I get between three and five times as many. So, thanks Ron (and please keep linking!).

Also thanks to Gary Sullivan for early and avid support of the Aimless Reading Project. Gary used to write a lot of comments until he got caught doing this at work. I know he is still out there, though.

And thanks to Richard Deming for being the literary outlaw that he is and for telling all of his friends about my blog.

And thanks to all my other regular readers.

And big thanks to everyone who links to PBH.

And lastly thanks to David Hockney, whose photo collage "Pearblossom Highway 11-18 April 1986 #2" (pictured) gave the misspelled title to this blog. I think my dyslexic eyes flipped the "b" and the "l" when I first read the name. It must be a common mistake, because it took quite a lot of searching to discover the real one -- it's written incorrectly all over the internet.

And that's all she wrote.

Happy New Year all and see you in 2010

(otherwise known as tomorrow).

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