Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 18.1 (Sesshu Foster)

Atomik Aztex
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Foster, Sesshu
Atomik Aztex

Sent by City Lights as a review copy. I think when Sesshu came to read in Buffalo this book was not quite out. I remember getting a .pdf to read for an interview I did with him (see sidebar for a link to an excerpt of the review on the City Lights Website), and that I didn't get a copy of the actual book until a few weeks after he left. It's about a fictional world in which the Aztec end up defeating the Spanish and colonizing Europe while the ghosts of Aztec warriors end up working in a contemporary slaughterhouse in L.A. It's a wild ride!

(I was recently watching a great Mexican sci-fi film -- "Sleepdealer" -- which had some interesting parallels to Foster's book. Also worth checking out.)

from Atomik Aztex

I am Zenzontli, Keeper of the House of Darkness of the Aztex and I am not getting fucked in the head and I think I like it. Okay sometimes I'm not sure. But my so-called visions are better than aspirin and cheaper.

Perhaps you are familiar with some worlds, stupider realities amongst alternate universes offered by the ever expanding-omniverse, in which the Aztek civilization was 'destroyed.' That's a possibility. I mean that's what Europians thot. They planned genocide, wipe out our civilization, build catherdrals on TOP of our pyramidz, bah, hump our women, not just out women but the Tlaxkalans, the Mixteks, the Zapoteks, the Chichimeks, the Utes, the Triki, the Kahuilla, the Shoshone, the Maidu, the Klickitat, the Mandan, the Chumash, the Yaqui, the Huicholes, the Meskwaki, the Guarani, the Seminoles, endless peoples...


lali polygon said...

Hey Michael, thanks for that excellent Entropy Tour. I think about that frequently when I explore the entropy of L.A. Your analysis of Buffalo entropy was exemplary, edifying. Yeah, I saw my first copy of ATOMIK AZTEX in your hand, you had a copy before I did. I read your copy at the university and the community college.

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

O, yeah! I remember now -- they sent it to me and then I gave you the review copy to read from and to take home with you. They sent me another copy a couple weeks later.