Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 19.6 (Michel Foucault)

Foucault, Michel
"Society Must Be Defended"

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books.

I have a recollection of first seeing this book at Doug Manson's apartment in Buffalo. I am pretty sure, though not certain, it was in his last apartment on Livingston St., where he lived up until the time he moved to New York last year.

The apartment was on the second floor of a two-family house owned by the mother-in-law of artist Julian Montague (who designed my last book, btw). We actually nearly bought the house two doors down until we realized it had some issues that, though mostly minor, we weren't prepared to deal with.

Anyhow, after walking up the stairs at Doug's place, you found yourself in a little foyer with a bedroom door to the right and then another doorway leading into a living room with a fireplace and a door leading to a porch. Through the living room there was a dining room with a bedroom off to the right, followed by a short hallway or passage leading to the third bedroom and the kitchen. I think the bathroom was in that little passageway.

Doug had books piled everywhere. He's one of the more compulsive book-buyers I know. In fact, I think it was he that turned me on to the now-defunct NIagara Falls outlet mall bookstore that used to sell the Library of America editions for nine dollars. This habit made it difficult for Doug to move to New York, as he would have no place to store most of his books when he arrived. Just before he left, he held a book/estate sale that seemed to last for weeks. I don't know how much he actually sold, but I guess he got rid of enough to move to New York.

I think I saw this book at his apartment, but it may have been at the previous apartment, where he lived with his ex-girlfriend. I remember I went out and bought it and read it and then promptly forgot it. I have no recollection of its contents.


I'll skip the excerpt this morning -- off to work!

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