Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 20 (Graham Foust)

Necessary Stranger
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Foust, Graham
Necessary Stranger

Flood Editions sent this review copy to me.

Graham and I arrived in Buffalo the same year, 1997. He worked at Rust Belt Books, first at its original location on Lexington Avenue, and then at its current location on Allen St. When I lived in Allentown, alone, I used to get bored and lonely and wander over to the store to talk to Graham or to Brian Lampkin, the owner.

He lived in an apartment in a big old house on Richmond Avenue with Tracy, his girlfriend at the time. I remember going to parties there. They had these groovy orange chairs. That stood near a window overlooking the driveway.

Later, Roberto Tejada also had an apartment there. For whatever reason I always say to Lori when we walk past the house that that was where Graham and Roberto used to live. Lori always says, You say that every time you walk past this house. Do I? I always ask.

from Necessary Stranger


Look at the sky, go
back inside. Cocaine
makes its way to Wisconsin.

The TV's thick with burial, hilarious
with seed, and while the moon,
my mind, and the real world stay home,

I will walk walk
walk unskilled around
a new year's clumsy gallows.

Anything's impossible. I'm not
you. Here's to music
to be in the movies to.

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