Monday, February 8, 2010

Aimless Reading: The F's, Part 25.8 (Sigmund Freud)

Freud, Sigmund
Three Case Histories

Purchased at Rust Belt Books for $5.50. At least I think that's where I bought it. Not sure why I am having such a hard time remembering where I bought these most recent books. I guess the confusion arises more with used books than new ones because I buy a fair number online, especially when I can get them for 40 cents plus shipping or something ridiculous like that. I remember reading "The Wolf Man" and then not reading the other two case histories in this book and that this also marked the end of my reading of Freud. I think the school year began and it was time to buy another 100 books to read over the next several months, so I probably put it away.

At the end of that summer, Aaron Skomra and Michelle Citrin had moved out of the apartment below me. When they left they rented a moving van, which we crammed in between the houses on the "easement" and spent the whole day filling the truck with their junk. I have pretty strong packing skills, so I spent the day inside the back of the truck, rearranging everything so there wasn't a single pocket of air leftover, this being necessary because they had so much stuff.

I think the apartment remained empty for a while. Roberto Tejada came and looked at it at one point, but ended up moving a few blocks away. I think Chris Alexander moved in some time before winter. He'd recently separated from his long time partner, Linda Russo. Maybe their was something about that house that was either good or bad for getting over a break-up. (Shrugs)

Chris outlasted me in that house by a couple of years. I think he, too, had a run-in with B., the crackhead brother, one that spooked him to such an extent that he moved out the next day. While he was there, Chris transformed the little back yard patch of grass into a flower garden. I remember sitting out there in the summer, barbecuing and staring at the sunflowers he had grown. He left Buffalo a few years later when Lori and I were living in our house in Black Rock. Lori was doing some gardening, so Chris left us all of his gardening tools. I noticed the other day on FB that he gardens on his fire escape in Queens.

Actually, come to think of it, I may not have bought this book that summer, and I think I read the case of Doctor Schreber, not the Wolf Man. I have a vague memory of trying to read Deleuze's Anti-Oedipus, and getting bogged down trying to keep up with all the references he was spewing out in the first five pages, one of which was Dr. Schreber. I think I bought this to find out what Deleuze was talking about in that book. I still don't know.

from "Doctor Schreber"

"I have suffered twice from nervous disorders," writes Dr. Schreber, "and each time as a result of mental overstrain. This was due on the first occasion to my standing as a candidate for election to the Reichstag while I was the Landgerichsdirektor at Chemnitz, and on the second occasion to the very heavy burden of work that fell upon my shoulders when I entered on my new duties as Sentsprasident in the Oberlandesgericht in Dresden."

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