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Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 11.1 (Michael Gizzi)

No Both
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Gizzi, Michael
No Both

Given to me by the author at or after the Robert Creeley Symposium in Buffalo in October 2006. In the links on the sidebar you can find an interview I did with Michael ("Michael Gizzi Interview in Artvoice") and an article I wrote about the conference for the Poetry Foundation ("Creeley Article at Poetry Foundation").

Michael gave a great talk at that snowy symposium in which he examined Creeley's rhythms and phrasings as they relate to jazz. He performed the piece by playing a number of recordings by Richard Twardzik, a Boston jazz pianist who died at the age of twenty four. Twardzik's phrasings are remarkably similar in construction to Creeley's.

There's really no way to prove this two you except to say go listen to the recordings and then read some of Creeley's poetry from the 50's aloud to yourself. You'll hear it for sure. I think Michael's talk was the first time I really ever "heard" what people were talking about when they talked about jazz rhythm in poetry. He sent me a recording of Twardzik, who only ever released 22 minutes of solo material, and that posthumously. When it pops up on my iPod I always think of his talk.

from No Both

A few times in our lives we live like cats
The child in us loves the applause
Watching is nothing
Angels are people who never blinked
I've seen them sniffing
I can see through you into the garage beyond
One day you'll sit in the sun and be incinerated
Sometimes terrible things happen quite naturally
I get up in the morning and there's my skin in bed
They got my head can you beat that
Then a wasp stung out my eye
Makes my hungry fist feel like the angel of mercy's compote
Skin shiny like a mirror seas of boiled fish
Ink like you've never seen
My sweat in a bottle dripping gasoline
The wind in the willies

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