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Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 6.3 (William Gibson)

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Gibson, William

I have no idea why I bought two copies of this book. The small one is the one I read. I bought it at Talking Leaves..Books. The large one I remember buying at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall Discount Book Shop. I may have bought the larger one as a gift for Lori before we moved in together. For whatever reason, I now own two copies.

I was hoping to get back to California this morning, but my mind feels a bit blank. I am trying to remember the rest of what I had hoped to say after speaking with my mother. I am only remembering fuzzy details of our conversation, which took place less than 48 hours ago.

1. We tried and failed to recall the addresses of the three houses we lived in.

2. I asked her if she liked living in California. She said she felt a bit like a fish out of water there. It was the early seventies, she said, and people were into all kinds of sex and drugs and encounter groups and protest movements, none which interested my parents. She said she realized that she was an "East Coast" kind of person. She also said that because my father was often away on business and she was left at home to take care of three kids she felt lonely. She said she remembered our time in California as a lonely time. I felt kind of sad for her. She never really says things like that, so I felt it even more acutely.

3. I tried to recall memories of our first house. She said it was a really nice house and that she regretted leaving it. They bought it for 50K and sold it after two years for 56K. It sold two years after that for 250K and would probably go for a whole lot more than that now. I have a memory of there being a wall full of cabinets in the living room. She said there was not, but that there was a big closet and an amazing fireplace. She said we had a small back yard and I said I remember having a sloping front yard that was all ivy. I said I remembered there was a door from the kitchen leading out to the garage. I said I remembered my father returning from a business trip with a salmon he had caught and my mom cooking the salmon and how delicious it tasted. She couldn't believe I remembered that because I had been so young -- 3-4 years old -- at the time. She said there were no sidewalks in the neighborhood, which along with the fact that my two little girlfriends, K and M, moved away, was one of the deciding factors for moving to a different part of town.

4. We talked about the second house, which she said she never really liked. She said it was U-shaped and had a Florida room. I remembered a rain storm that filled the back yard with water so deep I could float all my toy boat from one end to the other.

5. We talked about the third house we lived in, the one I tried to find on Google. She said it was her favorite house because it had such a nice patio in the back. It was built around a tree that formed the center of the patio. We had a lemon tree, she said. I said I remembered it backed right up to a school. She said the school was nearby but that it did not back up to the house. I remembered that once someone tee-peed the big evergreen in front of our house. It was almost like someone had decided to decorate our yard for christmas. I don't think my parents felt that way.

from Neuromancer

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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