Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 13.2 (Graham Greene)

The Tenth Man
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Greene, Graham
The Tenth Man

I think this, like the previous title, also came off my parents' bookshelves, and I think I took it from them, like the previous title, after having read The Quiet American, with the intention, as with the previous title, of continuing my reading through the novels of Graham Greene; however, as with the previous title, I never did get around to reading it, and so it has remained, like the previous title, on my shelves, standing up next to the previous titles, unwanted, unopened, and unread.

from The Tenth Man

Most of them told the time roughly by their meals, which were unpunctual and irregular: they amused themselves with the most childish games all through the day, and when it was dark they fell asleep by tacit consent–not waiting for a particular hour of darkness for they had no means of telling the time exactly: in fact there were as many times as there were prisoners. When their imprisonment started they had three good watches among thirty-two men, and a secondhand and unreliable–or so the watch owners claimed–alarm clock. The two wristwatches were the first to go: their owners left the cell at seven o'clock one morning–or seven-ten the alarm clock said–and presently, some hours later, the watches reappeared on the wrists of the two guards.

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