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Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 14 (Ted Greenwald)

Common Sense
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Greenwald, Ted
Common Sense

Given to me by Charles Bernstein. If you look on the right side of the frame you can see a gray-brown, off-color line spanning the length of the cover. A printer error, I guess.

Books overfilled every available surface in Charles Bernstein's office/seminar room at SUNY Buffalo. One full wall about 15 feet wide and 10 high -- the width of the room -- and another of about the same measurements -- constituting about a third of the length of the room -- were all bookshelves. These formed a cozy library-like space surrounding CB's desk, itself a drab, university-issue clunker piled high with books and folders and papers. I think there may even have been a typewriter on the desk! In 1999!

Running along the length of the room opposite the books a bank of heating units fronted the windows, which looked out onto the campus from the fourth floor. This doubled as a book shelf, bearing stacks and stacks of books, many of which were titles that for one reason or another Charles had multiple copies of. Many a time upon entering the classroom for a seminar CB would offer us free copies of books. He had a large number of this Ted Greenwald book, I think (likely due to the printer error), because after he passed them out, many still remained on the sill. They had a nice view, I guess.

from Common Sense

Radio Crop

radio crop

train at home in your spare time


a cloud on
a stamp on
a postcard in
a mailbox, wing
to you (to you)

love repeats itself in repairs

you repair to
the slot where
the card from me
fell to you (to you)

love, from me

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