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Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 8 (Nada Gordon)

Foreign Bodie
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Gordon, Nada
Foreign Bodie

Given to me by Gary Sullivan when he and Nada (I almost wrote, nadie, "no one" in Spanish, as opposed to Nada, "nothing," I guess because I keep thinking about the "ie" at the end of "bodie") read at Big Orbit Gallery with Rod Smith and Mel Nichols on the eve of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in 2008.

The lately lamented/resurrected Kevin Thurston brought the group of flarfists for a reading in Just Buffalo's Small Press Poetry Series.

I remember Kevin introduced me to Nada. I introduced myself as Mike. She said, "Are you Mike Kelleher?" I said yes. She said, "You should introduce yourself using your last name."

I remember she began her reading with a very theatrical, Victorian drawing room kind of swoon, the back of her hand touching her forehead, palm and fingers facing the audience, then a sigh, "Poetry--I too dislike it."

I remember wandering around in circles at the book fair. I kept returning to the Edge Books table where Nada, Rod, Gary and Mel sat for most of the day.

I remember Gary gave me two of Nada's books, one of his, plus two or three copies of his comic book, Elsewhere.

I remember sitting next to Gary and Nada at the end of a very long table at India Gate Restaurant in Buffalo, where all of the book fair attendees went to eat after the fair.

I remember volunteering to take the two of them to Niagara Falls the following day.

I remember taking them to the falls. We parked on the American side and walked across the bridge.

I remember thinking how funny it was to take pictures of Nada and Gary because they both love to strike pose.

I am looking at the photos of this day. It was cold. The river was still icy. We looked out through the viewfinders on the bridge. We ate sushi at Taki. Nada spoke to the waitress in Japanese. She said Taki was very authentic. I took photos of my food. We went to a kitschy souvenir place and put on funny hats. Lori took a photo of me wearing a blue felt witch's cap. We took pictures of candy. We watched candy being made. We talked about my uncle's candy store in Brooklyn. Gary and Nada had been there. We took a photo of a toy parachutist that had gotten stuck in the branches of a tree. We walked to the edge of the falls. We talked about Bollywood films. Gary promised to send a list of his top ten. We took a photo of a can of beer in the snow. The can said, "LECH" on the side. We were amused. We took a photo of the big ferris wheel on Clifton Hill. We didn't ride it, though. We took a photo of Nada and Gary in front of a wax figure of Indiana Jones. Gary smiled. Nada raised a gloved maroon fist in the air, palm facing the camera, a small Egyptian relief figure rising out of her head.

from Foreign Bodie



the walking places
talking out loud

in deep water
on dark night

orange jasmine
   some succour

  body a pocket
to hide (things) in

ignoring greetings
as a plate


the tongues
are wagging

you said you had your face
wiped off but I can tell
right now it's
already there

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Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

A+ for memory, Mike Kelleher! Don't forget the entropy tour and the original site of buffalo wings and also that I bought maple sugar candies in Canada!

You and Lori were so gracious to us. A thousand thanks again.