Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 9 (Noah Eli Gordon)

Gordon, Noah Eli
A Fiddle Pulled From
The Throat of a Sparrow

I think this was given to me by the author after a reading in Buffalo a couple of years ago.

Nothing is coming to me this morning, except maybe the light from the window, as depicted in the photo I took of myself holding NEG's book. Someday I might go back and look at all of the photos I have taken in this project in order to see the way the light behind me changes day to day throughout the year. Lately it has been creating a kind of halo around the edges of the books I hold up, which must have something to do with the way the sun reflects off the side of the cream-colored house next door at this time of year. The two houses are much too close together for the sun to shine directly through the window. Who knew cream could be so reflective? I wonder what I will think of all of this when I am done? Will I ever be done? Now there's a question for you.

from A Fiddle Pulled From The Throat of a Sparrow

The Book of Signs

Icons were no longer icons
& their eye-sacks unlaced
In the field, testing the full range of motion
All wicks removed, each stump sanded down
Stripped of rank & arm at their sides
counted each ring, regardless
their equivalent for the word winter

Collected shoes called acceptable losses,
so without hitting the bottom
the next sign read: lasso, lash, lesson
Still, one went on playing her violin
Slit cuts in hems & bricks left unstacked
Icons were icons & the book remained open

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