Friday, May 7, 2010

Aimless Reading: The G's, Part 18 (Jorge Guitart)

Guitart, Jorge
The Empress of Frozen Custard
& Ninety-Nine Other Poems

Given to me by the author at a launch reading in Buffalo in December 2009. Jorge Guitart is a Cuban/American poet who has taught and lived in Buffalo for a long time. I first met him, I think, through Joel Kuszai, who published a chapbook of his work on Meow press back in the nineties. He's been a constant presence on the Buffalo poetry scene for as long as I have known him and I was happy to see his book come out last year. It's very funny.

Well, this is the last of the G's. That went by pretty quickly. Not quite as few G's as there are E's, but this has been the next shortest letter of the alphabet so far. Looking ahead at the H section, I see more titles than I would have initially thought. I's are going to be painfully short. J, K, & L will also be modest, then I suspect M will be one of the longest so far. N will be short. O & P will be fairly long. R will be short. S will probably be the longest of all. T will be fairly long. U & V will be short. W will be long. X & Y short, with Z being short to modest.

from The Empress of Frozen Custard & Ninety-Nine Other Poems

In The Life of Jackson and Jillian

Jackson and Jillian ascended a well-defined
natural elevation smaller than a mountain
in order to obtain and bring back
a cylindrical vessel
open at the top
and fitted with a handle,
filled with a clear, odorless, colorless,
and tasteless liquid,
essential for most plants
and animal life.

Suddenly Jackson
descended involuntarily
under the influence of gravity
and caused his ornamental head covering,
made of a precious metal set with jewels
and worn as a symbol of sovereignty,
to divide into pieces violently,
and Jillian followed,
rolling end over end.

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