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Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 13 (Martin Heidegger)

Being and Time
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Heidegger, Martin
Being and Time

Not sure where I purchased this -- possibly Rust Belt Books.

I was reading Paul Celan pretty intently a few years back. Reading about Celan's visit to Heidegger in Felstiner's biography made me want to attempt this. There's still a book mark on page 129, which I guess is where I stopped.

I wrote some notes on the blank page before the title page, which I am sure is called something, but whose name I can't recall. Anyhow, they are as follows:

Logos=discourse=that which lets something be seen

Phenomena–the totality of what can be brought to the light of day –lies in the light

entities – ta onta – the manifest

phos–the light
phaiso–to bring to the light of day
phainesthai–to show itself
phainomenon–that which shows itself
phenomenon–that which shows itself in itself
Φως–the light

444–history as the recurrence of the possible

On the back cover, someone else has written, in small print, on the uppermost left hand portion of the page, in pencil, "apophantical."

from Being and Time

In determining itself as an entity, Dasein always does so in the light of a possibility which it is itself and which, in its very Being, it somehow understands. This is the formal meaning of Dasein's existential constitution. But this tells us that if we are to Interpret this entity ontologically, the problematic of its Being must be developed from the existentiality of its existence. This cannot mean, however, that "Dasein" is to be construed in terms of some concrete possible idea of existence. At the outset of our analysis it is particularly important that Dasein should not be Interpreted with the differentiated character [Differenz] of some definite way of existing, but that it should be uncovered [aufgedeckt] in the undifferentiated character which it has proximally and for the most part. This undifferentiated character of Dasein's everydayness is not nothing, but a positive phenomenal characteristic of this entity. Out of this kind of Being -- and back into it again -- is all existing, such as it is. We call this everyday undifferentiated character of Dasein "averageness" [Durchschnittlichkeit].

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