Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 16 (Lillian Hellman)

Hellman, Lillian
Six Plays By Lillian Hellman

Purchased at the Fordham University Bookstore.

I read this for a class on American Drama in college. My strongest memory of having to look up the word 'pernicious' one day after class because the professor had said that, The Children's Hour" is about the "pernicious effect of gossip on a community." It's funny, but I don't recall him ever saying it was about the pernicious effect of homphobia on the community, but I guess it WAS a Catholic school, so what could one expect. Neither did he ever talk about Hellman and Hammett and the House Un-American Activites Committee. It was all about how immoral it is to lie. Period. No context, no history, just lying. God I hated that class. I think I have written as much before.

from The Children's Hour

MRS. MORTAR A cue is a line or word given the actor or actress to remind them of their next speech.
HELEN (softly) To remind him or her.
ROSALIE (a fattish girl with glasses) Weren't you ever in the movie, Mrs. Mortar?
MRS. MORTAR I had many offers, my dear. But the cinema is a shallow art. It has no–no– (Vaguely) no fourth dimension.

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