Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 8 (Stephen Hawking)

Hawking, Stephen W.
A Brief History of Time
From The Big Bang
To Black Holes

This book belongs to Lori. I've never read it.

Running short on time, so I thought I'd do something brief. One question that many people have asked is what I am doing with books that come in during the course of this project. Will they be catalogued? Will they be given their due on the blog?

My rule of thumb is that if a book arrives on my shelves before I finish the letter of the alphabet in which it belongs, then it gets a blog entry. Otherwise, probably not. I can imagine adding them at the end -- if such a day should ever come, but the idea of adding them now is a little overwhelming.

That said, I've been acquiring and reading a number of books in the last year that would have been catalogued in previous letters of the alphabet, so I thought I'd list a few, in case you are interested. Here are the most recent acquisitions under "A" and "B." I have read sll of them except for the last book under "Aira" –which I just got–and the Byatt.


César Aira–
Fragmentos de un diario en los alpes
Un episodio en la vida de un pintor viajero and the English translation, An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter
Como me hice monja and La Custurera y el viento

Kenneth Anger–Hollywood Babylon (reading that right now)

Stan Apps–Info Ration

Paul Auster–Invisible


Bill Berkson–
Selected Poems (inscribed to me)
The Sweet Singer of Modernism

Charles Bernstein–All The Whiskey in Heaven

Derek Burleson–Never Night

A.S. Byatt–The Children's Book (first ed., inscribed to me)

I should also note that my shelves are quite full, so these are all laying on their sides atop the books already catalogued and shelved.

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