Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 23.1 (Eric Hobsbawm)

The Age Of Empire
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Hobsbawm, Eric
The Age Of Empire

Not sure where I bought this. I have always intended to go back and read Hobsbawm's three-volume history of the 19th Century, of which this is the third and final volume, but I haven't ever gotten around to it.

I remember reading another book of his about the writing of history for my oral exams in graduate school. I must have borrowed that book from the library because it is not on my shelf.

My memory is of not having read this volume because I had intended first to purchase and read in their proper order the two previous volumes. However, I can see that I underlined a line or two in the introduction, so I must have at least started it at some point.

Here's what I underlined:

from The Age Of Empire

For all of us there is a twilight zone between history and memory; between the past as a generalized record which is open to relatively dispassionate inspection and the past as a remembered part of, or background to, one's own life.

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