Friday, June 11, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 26 (Anselm Hollo)

Hollo, Anselm
Notes on the Possibilities
and Attractions
of Existence

Another great find at the late, lamented discount book store at the Niagara Falls outlet mall. I think I got it for half off the cover price. I think I also got Joanne Kyger's As Ever on the the same trip. Anselm Hollo is one of the few poets who has not passed through Buffalo since I have been here. Thus, I've never met him. I saw him pass by at the AWP Conference in Denver. I had seen so many pictures of him that at first I thought he was someone I knew. He disappeared around a corner at the convention center just as the thought passed through my mind, Hey there goes Anselm Hollo!


the poet Vallejo invented new ways of walking
sitting lightly           on wooden metro benches
not to wear out his trousers
not to wear out his shoes

in the secret code of his poems
he describes those inventions