Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 27.3 (Homer)

The Iliad of Homer
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The Iliad
Tr. Richmond Lattimore

Purchased at The Strand for $1. It must have been on one of those racks they have on the sidewalk. The cover reminds me of several books I purchased from those racks about various moments in European history.

I wonder if this was from the same purchase.

I may have bought it when I was an undergraduate, or soon thereafter. I don't have a huge recollection holding this particular volume, but there are plenty of my marks in the margins that would appear to indicate otherwise.

Where did Richmond Lattimore ever find the time to learn Greek and Latin and then translate seemingly the entire literary corpus of an ancient civilization?

from The Iliad

Sing, Goddess, the anger of Peleus' son Achilleus
and its devastation, which put pains thousandfold upon the Achaians,
hurled in their multitudes to the house of Hades strong souls
of heroes, but gave their bodies to be the delicate feasting
of dogs, of all birds, and the will of Zeus was accomplished
since that time when first there stood in division of conflict
Atreus' son the lord of men and brilliant Achilleus.

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