Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 32 (Fanny Howe)

Selected Poems
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Howe, Fanny
Selected Poems

I think I may have bought this at Talking Leaves...Books. Not sure, though.

I am having a hard time getting my memory/sentiment function to work this morning after having spent the morning writing a response to several comments about my post on the Academic Compromise. I am supposed to be on a poetry writing "staycation" right now, but I keep getting distracted by things like writing blog posts and watching soccer matches first thing in the morning. I've managed to write a couple of poems I like in the past ten days, plus have done some translations, so all is not lost. The ticking clock of the writing vacation can start to get pretty loud if I let it.

If only I had gone into academia...I'd have the whole summer off!

from Selected Poems

from Introduction to the World

I'd speak if I wasn't afraid of inhaling
A memory I want to forget
Like I trusted the world which wasn't mine
The hollyhock in the tall vase is wide awake
And feelings are only overcome by fleeing
To their opposite. Moisture and dirt
Have entered the space between threshold and floor
A lot is my estimate when I step on it
Sorrow can be a home to stand on so
And see far to: another earth, a place I might know
from Selected Poems

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