Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 33.1 (Susan Howe)

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Howe, Susan

I can't remember if I bought this or if it was given to me by the publishers, Erica Van Horn and Simon Cutts of Coracle Press. If I paid for it, then it was at Talking Leaves...Books.

I have several memories from the visits of Simon and Erica to Buffalo. One time I was squiring them around town in my car. We were having a conversation about something and I got to talking to the point of distraction. Suddenly someone in the car yelled. I looked up and realized I was blazing through a red light at a busy intersection. I felt terrible and spent the next several hours apologizing.

I think on their next visit (it may have been the same one, not sure), we all went out to dinner at K. Gallagher's, a little restaurant/bar on Allen St. in Buffalo. A friend of theirs joined us, Harley Spiller, aka, Inspector Collector, who runs the Franklin Furnace Archive in NYC, but who hails from Buffalo. Harley is a collector of all kinds of kitsch. I remember he showed us several items he'd received from his father -- I can't quite remember what they were -- possibly a collection of swizzle sticks. I think he also said he owned the world's largest collection of Chinese take-out menus. Oh, memory.,

Erica once gave me a calendar that featured interior flap patterns from envelopes.

Simon once gave me a postcard which still stands on the shelf behind me, and which is visible in many of the photos I post to this here blog. On a white background, in blue block letters, it reads:


from Kidnapped

Reader of poetry this book
contains all poetry THOOR
BALLYEE in seven notes for
stage representation May
countryside you reader of
poetry that I am forgotten
Long notes seem necessary
Unworthy players ask for
legend familiar in legend
the arrow king and no king

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