Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 33.5 (Susan Howe)

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Howe, Susan

Not sure where I bought this. Probably at Talking Leaves, but as I mentioned before, it's possible I bought it at a remaindered bookstore in Florida along with several other books of avant-garde poetry.

Flipping through, I am remembering one afternoon going to Susan's house in North Buffalo to talk about my oral exams. We were going to discuss Emily Dickinson's poems written during the civil war years. Susan took me up to her office and started showing me images of various fragments from Dickinson's fascicles, small pieces of paper with a word, or maybe two, on written on them. Suddenly we weren't talking about the civil war or the content of the poems at all. We were talking literally about the pieces of paper on which the words were written. We talked about their shapes and how some of them resembled tombstones. Susan's voice trembled with excitement as she talked. I think we spent the whole session discussing these shapes. I am not sure we ever got to the poems themselves. I don't think I cared.

from Singularities

from The Articulation of Sound Forms in Time

Freedom's dominion of possible

Home in a human knowing

Stretched out at the thresh
of beginning

Body of articulation chattering

an Assassin
shabby halo-helmet

hideout haystack hunter chamois

History of seedling and seduction
Kinship of infinite separation

Sight of thought

Crooked erratic perception
shoal ruin abyssal veil veiling

Braggart expert
discourse on dice

Face to visible sense gathers moss

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