Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aimless Reading: The H's, Part 33.8 (Susan Howe)

I Have Imagined A Center/
Wilder Than This Region
A Tribute To Susan Howe
Sarah Campbell, ed.

Given to me by the editor. A small note written on a piece of two-sided card stock, one side maroon, the other side gray, and dated 7/25, no year mentioned, is tucked into the cover. It reads:


Thought you
would want a
copy of this.



See you Friday?

I don't know what the year was or what was happening on Friday, but I am intrigued.

from I Have Imagined A Center/Wilder Than This Region: A Tribute To Susan Howe

from A Thing That Can Ignite (Benjamin Friedlander)

When I think of Susan Howe as a teacher, the first word that comes to mind is volatility. In the classroom, her mind was always in motion; her words, ever combustible, translated the solid and liquid facts of history into breathable air. There, imagination took wing--with razor beak and talons drawn, to be sure. This was only fitting: volatiles are, among other things, winged creatures, and Susan was by her own description a kind of sea-raven, seeking knowledge where others would drown. The sky was hers by inspiration, but she wanted a meaning that kept to its own natural elements, where Susan also moved, with unnatural ease. Could I learn to do the same?

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